//How You Can Change The World

How You Can Change The World

There is a force that is working against you; it is working behind the scenes. It is that voice that says,  “You can’t do this!”, or, “Why do you even dream these big dreams?”… or it’s as subtle as you wanting to help other people instead of doing what you know in your heart you are called to do for yourself.

This force seems to want you to fail or to stay in mediocrity. It urges you to stay in your comfort zone. This force has many names… It’s been called your ego, your subconscious mind, your monkey mind, and more. Whatever it’s called, it is anti-you; it seems like it doesn’t want you to succeed. 

It would love for you to stay in your struggle. This force thinks, “You may not be happy but you are safe.” As long as you stay there, you are not a threat. You will not change the world or live your great big spectacular life. 

For some reason, this anti-you wants you to conform to mediocrity and be like everyone else. If you listen to this lie from the anti-you, you will only live your shadow life. You will live a safe life, but it will be unfulfilled in many areas and will lack meaning. I know this sounds harsh, but really, this is the truth. 

Our true human nature is to evolve. We are here to create something amazing; to live life to the fullest. This force is trying to keep us from living the life we came here to live. It’s only when we realize we have a purpose and a calling, that we rise up and feel the need to get out of the hole we have dug. Only then will we change the world. It’s in our blood to do so.

It’s kind of like how, in a Superhero movie, the villain makes life miserable for the superhero. Because of this, the superhero is forced to use her superpowers. Before the breaking point, the superhero may not even be sure she has superpowers, or if they can even make a difference. 

The superhero lacks confidence and is unsure of her powers. But deep inside, in her heart of hearts, she knows that she has something inside – something that needs to come out. It has been inside her for as long as she can remember, and it will help the world.

In a superhero movie, the superhero’s life is often threatened, along with the lives of others… perhaps even the world is threatened. The superhero is pushed until she takes that leap of faith. Then, lo and behold, she discovers she has superpowers and she overcomes the villain’s threat.

She may realize she has a superpower and overcomes the villain, but it’s still coming for her. 

But sometimes in real life it’s not that simple, we may know what we want and we may be aware of our gifts, talents, and purpose… but we still feel unsure. We don’t have a strategy or a plan, or even an idea about how to execute a vision utilizing our gifts, talents, and purpose. 

In the superhero and villain relationship, the villain is very methodical, cunning, manipulative, sneaky, and ruthless. Just when the superhero is gaining confidence, believing everything is fine and that the villain is gone or under control, only then does the villain appear again from a different angle, or a new approach to take out the superhero.

In your life, you may feel like the same thing keeps repeating itself, or that you are in a vicious cycle. It’s important to remember that it’s all an illusion, which has become a belief. It may be a deep-rooted belief from your past or from a past life that needs a light to shine on it and be revealed and removed. 

A belief is just a thought you keep thinking!

You have the power to outsmart your villain!

 Your calling or greater purpose is your superpower. The force that is against you and the world, the force that is trying to stop you from saving the world, is the villain.

Here are the 4 Steps for how to use your superpowers to stop the villain and save the world:

  1. Acknowledge the lies and destructive words for what they are.
  2. Discover your superpower.
  3. Expose the villain to the light.
  4. Speak your truth – use your words as your sword and save the world.

The good news is that this is the most exciting truth you can hear! The negative force, the bully, liar, ego, or anti-you, has no power over you. The power of it is all an illusion. You have all the power, so when you reveal these lies, the light shines and the darkness must go!

You have the power when you speak the truth. You speak things into being and change your reality. You have the power to change your thought patterns and core beliefs that may be causing you to stay stuck in the superhero vs villain battle!

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